See below the tools I use in a nutshell

under water

I took my first pictures with a Nikonos 5, the standard underwater gear in the nineties. After that I have spent a lot of money for analog and later on digital Nikon SLRs and dedicated underwater housings. These equipments did a very good job but they were quite expensive, heavy and hard to handle mainly while traveling and on the dive boat.
For some time now I prefer smaller cams such as GoPro for movies and shallow water wide angle and actually the Canon G7X fo stills. The G7X is my favourite for everyunderwaterday and even for some more challenging situations. Nevertheless the same important for valuable pics is a separate flash such as an Inon or similar.


I started aerial photography in 2016 with a DJ Phantom. Today I mostly use the Inspire 2 for pictures, panoramas and videos; assisted by a Mavic for scouting purposes and travels. I like their high quality picture while maintaining a size and weight that I can carry on for a walk or even a longer hike to copter places of interest.


For a lot of situations and lightings I prefer to work with the small Canon or even a iphone. When it comes to macro, portraits or fast scenes (sport, animals etc.) I go back to the good old SLR which is since many years a Nikon D800 with appropriate lenses.


Most of my pictures are edited with Adobe Lightroom. Video clips are produced with Final Cut Pro (both on Mac). 360-panos are created with Panorama Studio Pro.